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Oh god, so The B-52's were amazing. AND Mesopotamia was the first song they played SO FROM THE START I was happy. haha.

A select few (and gigantic) pictures.

SO The first band that played was called The 88's, and they weren't terrible, but at the start of one of their songs, I thought they were covering Fame, and I was like OK WOW A BOWIE COVER. D: Uhh, but it wasn't, they just seriously ripped off the guitar parts. And another song sounded just like a Weezer song I can't remember the name of* and so on.

But then they left after like a million songs, and The B-52's came and played like every song I wanted to hear. But, Fred Schneider left so they could play Juliet of the Spirits, and Roam, AND HALF THE AUDIENCE SAT DOWN AND LOOKED DISINTERESTED FOR JULIET OF THE SPIRITS. I was actually shocked. I mean, not only is that amazingly fucking rude, IT'S A REALLY GOOD SONG, and I have never seen anyone do that in my life. So Bakersfield has hit amazing new levels of terrible.

But yeah, everyone flipped out for Love Shack, which I can barely stand because I've spent most of my life hearing that song way too much. BUT they were awesome, and they put on probably the best show I've been to. And Fred Schneider kind of sounded like he sucked helium, but HE SCREAMED A LOT OF WEIRD SHIT CONSTANTLY so it was ok.

I got a shirt and umm, I am really fucking tired now. :D

*Turns out that it was CRAB.
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Ok, so the new Los Campesinos album is good. IT'S NOT great.. or as good as the first BUT, I think I've figured out what they meant by not calling it an actual album. SORT OF.

Some of the songs sound like variations on songs from the first album with different lyrics. Like the music isn't exactly the same, but it's definitely similar. Maybe.. more toned down versions? Yeah, I guess. That's what it sounds like anyway.

ANYWAY, I am glad for something new from them, but still, kind of disappointing, especially when you think about how it took me about four days to download the damn thing.

EDIT: Or maybe they meant.. some contributions by other artists that apparently appear on the album? And they didn't realize they ripped themselves off all over? Or maybe they did? WHO CAN ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS?!



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